Prices and Terms & Conditions


Please note that all treatment times include a consultation and post-treatment time.

A consultation can take from 10-20 minutes.

Discounts and special offers are available for block bookings.

Offers cannot be combined and no further discounts are applicable for block bookings.

Payments for block bookings are upfront, i.e in the full amount as they are discounted.


Relaxation Massage

£50 for 60 minutes

£90 for 90 minutes

10% discount for block of six sessions (for e.g. 60 min sessions)

£270 for 6 sessions (£45 each)

10% off for block booking of six sessions (for e.g. 90 min sessions)

£486 for 6 sessions (£81 each)


Therapeutic Massage/ Sports Massage

£60 for 60 minutes

£90 for 90 minutes

£120 for 120 minutes


Buy 5 treatments and get one free

£300 for 6 sessions – (£50 each) – 60 minutes sessions.


** Above offer only at main clinics

***Special offer – £275 for 6 sessions (£45 each) – at my home clinic

**** All above offers are for 1hr / 60 min sessions. For 90 and 120 min sessions a 10% discount is available for a block booking. Durations of treatments cannot be mixed such as 60 or 90 mins mixed in a block.


Indian Head Massage

£35 for 30 mins

£45 for 40 mins


Buy five get two free – 30 min sessions only

£175 for 7 sessions (£25 each)


Terms and conditions – At Redbridge home clinic only

If Indian head massage is wanted as a home visit please ask Sadaf for prices. Payments are upfront in cash or BACS.


Pregnancy Massage

£70 for 60 minutes


10% off Block of 6 sessions.

£375 for 6 sessions (£62 each)


**Special offer till April 2019 – not to be missed


£ 336 for 6 sessions (£ 56 each)

*** The above prices can been rounded off (approximated)


Hot stone massage

£80 for 70 mins

£120 for 90 mins or 120 mins


10% off for a block of six sessions

£ 432 for six sessions (£72 each) – 60 mins


£ 648 for six sessions (£108 each) – 90 mins/120 mins



£25 for 20 mins

£25 for 30 mins


**Buy 5 x 30 mins get one free

£125 for 6 sessions (£20 each) (30 min sessions)


This offer is available at Redbridge home clinic only.

Shiatsu is also available as home visits and at clinics if the duration is 45 min and more and the prices per person are as follows:


Clinics £50 for 45 mins

Home visit £70 for 45 mins (see terms and conditions of home visits)


Terms and Conditions of Different Clinics

The services are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Unless there is an emergency I do not take bookings on Saturdays and Sundays.

With the exception of my Home clinic, the other clinics are closed on Sundays.

Terms and Conditions of Home Visits

Home visits cost £70 in a five hour radius in Redbridge and an extra £5 for every other 5 miles.

48 hr Cancellation Policy applies to home visits whether they are single or block bookings. The cancellation fee is £45 as it involves my preparation and time. I bring my own equipment (massage couch) unless other arrangements are agreed. See refund policy below.

Booking Policy

Booking can be made by email or mobile telephone/ text messages. Messages on Whatsapp may not be answered.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

At Earthrose I understand that unanticipated events can occur such as illness, traffic delays and family emergencies. Therefore the following cancellation and refund policy applies.

For all bookings, a 48 hour (2 working days) cancellation policy applies, where no fee will be payable for cancellations with a notice period of 48 hours or more. 

The cancellation policy is £25 for a 1 hour treatment and £45 for 90 mins or 120 mins treatments.

Weekends do not count toward the 48 hr policy.

If you fail to cancel or reschedule your appointment prior to 48 hr before your massage or coaching session, but you give more than 24hrs hours’ notice, the cancellation fee will be applied.

Full refunds will not be given if materials have already been produced, so there will be an admin fee in the case of coaching contracts.

Refunds will be given before 72 hr (3 working days) for single sessions. If you paid by card, the transaction fee will be deducted from the refund and the refund will be made by BACS.

Refund request must be in written sent in email to

Please telephone, text or email me as soon as possible if you want to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You can also leave a voicemail message if I do not pick the phone. Telephone to my mobile only- 00 44 7875383578.

Terms and Conditions of Block Bookings

Full price of block bookings are to be paid upfront or in two instalments if agreed by Sadaf.

The expiry date of block bookings is 4 months from date of purchase. 

The sessions are non-transferable as a general rule.

I endeavour to fulfil appointments on Mondays, alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays and occasional Sundays.

If you buy a block of 6 x 1hr treatment, all sessions will be 60 mins and session duration cannot be mixed; i.e mixture of 60 and 90 minutes is not allowed.

*Refund Policy of Block Bookings

If you require a refund on a block booking, the amount refunded to you will be calculated after any treatments received as part of block booking/package have been charged at full price.

For example for therapeutic massage a single session is £60, but as a block of six sessions it is £50 per session (£300 for a block of 6).

If you have had three sessions and then want a refund on the remaining three sessions, I take into account the full price £60

Therefore £60 x3 = £180 out of £300 = £120

From the £120 remaining, I take an admin fee of £25 and you will be refunded £95.

If a card payment was made using the SumUp machine for the £300 and I was charged a transaction fee of £5.04 (for example), that fee is deducted from the amount refunded. For example using the scenario above – £95-£5.04 = £89.96.

My card transaction fee is currently 1.69%.

If I need to stop sessions, the same refund policy as above applies.

Existing and new medical conditions

It is the responsibility of the client to keep the therapist informed of any medical treatment currently being taken and to provide written permission from the GP, Consultant, and Chiropractor etc. The client must also keep the therapist.

A treatment form and disclaimer will be signed in the session.

Lateness and Absence/no-shows

If you do not arrive during the first 15 minutes (unless you telephoned me that you might be late), you will be treated as a “no-show” and that time slot will be available for someone else. Depending on how late you arrive, I will decide if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. Regardless of the length of treatment given you will be responsible for the “full” session.

Anyone who forgets or chooses to forgo their appointment for whatever reason will be considered a “no-show”. They will be charged for this missed appointment and future service will be denied until payment is made.

From the above, Full refunds will not be given due to admin fee, transactions and used sessions.

Methods of Payments

We accept cash but we do not accept £50 notes. We only accept cheques from old and existing clients, not new clients and for block bookings only to cover the fees of business banking.

We accept BACS Bank Transfer.

Coaching Packages

When a coaching package is devised for each client, the particulars of that contract will vary. A bespoke refund policy will be enclosed in the contract.


You can show your therapist your appreciation with a monetary tip at the completion of your massage. Tips are accepted or added to the charity fund or kept by therapist as you choose. Tips can be added to a credit card, check or given in cash.

Classes and Retreats

This is for consecutive weekly classes/appointments

For the Block booking of Balance and Calm classes, once your space has been reserved for the duration of the block booking cannot be changed, cancelled or extended.

There is a 24 hr cancellation policy

International Clients

The payment methods and mode of communication for e.g. Skype or Zoom videoconferencing will be discussed and agreed before signing the contract.

Gift Vouchers

Whether it is a warm melting hot stone massage for a stressed mother or therapeutic massage for aches and pains, an Earthrose massage gift voucher makes a lovely gift. 

Vouchers are valid for three months and may be used as full payment for treatments of

60 mins

90 mins

120 mins 


Block bookings of any treatment listed on my Services page.

How to Purchase

The Earthrose Gift voucher can be purchased by contacting us – click here.

You can pay by cash in person or BACS.

Once payment has been received, gift vouchers will be sent by Royal Mail. Please be aware of Christmas posting dates and allow time for vouchers to be sent.


Minimum £5 and maximum £500 (block bookings)

See the gift voucher here:

Intellectual Property

Earthrose Massage, The Earthrose logo, brand and all other intellectual property rights, trademarks, graphics belong to Sadaf Solangi and cannot be reproduced. All rights are reserved.