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Relaxation massage

At Earthrose things are simple. That’s why I offer Traditional Relaxation Massage. It is the Swedish system of massage named after the founder Per Henrik Ling.

The techniques used are 

1. Effleurage
2. Petrissage
3. Percussion
4. Tapotement

£50 for 50 minutes massage (plus 10mins consultation)

Relaxation massage techniques

Effleurage is a sweeping and relaxing stroke used to prepare body for deeper techniques.

Petrissage is kneading. It is a firm application of pressure which compresses tissue against tissue, releasing muscle tightness and breaking down toxins and tension.

Friction is firm rubbing and heat-producing techniques which compress tissue against bone. Used for close work on areas of tension or during sports massage techniques in treating injury.

Percussion means shaking through the body. It’s a striking wake up stroke. It has stimulating action of the tissues

Tapotement is a very gentle form of percussion, using just the fingertips, which is carried out on delicate or sensitive areas such as the face. The word Tapotement is derived from the French word “Tapoter” which means to tap and tapping is the basis of the technique.

Text reproduced from An Introductory Guide to Massage by permission of the Publishers © EMS Publishing.

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Therapeutic Massage


This is a hands-on massage therapy to get you out of pain and increase your range of motion.

For back, neck and shoulders or full body (please specify).

Therapeutic massage brings together the best of Clinical and Spa style massage.

I consider the Spa style to be based on Swedish and Aromatherapy techniques.

Swedish massage techniques improve circulation, lymphatics, digestion and skin tone.

Clinical massage techniques include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy*, stretching, myofascial release** and soft tissue release techniques.

These techniques are effective in loosening tight muscles and breaking knots and adhesions in muscle fibres.

Indulge yourself with aromatic oil blends, such as premium Aveda oils designed to soothe your mind and ease tension.

For optimum results a course of six treatments is recommended.

As such if you book a block of six weekly sessions of therapeutic massage you can expect to see some improvement by the third session and considerable results after the full six treatments.

£60 for 60 minutes

£90 for 90 minutes

£120 for 120 minutes

*What is a trigger point?

According to Janet Travell , a trigger point is: “A hyper irritable locus within a taut band of skeletal muscle, located in the muscular tissue and/or its associated fascia. The spot is painful on compression and can evoke characteristic referred and autonomic phenomena.”

Source – Simons D et al 1999 pg 5

**Myofascial Release
Fascial work is a powerful technique to add into the mix of your treatment plan for addressing musculo-skeletal problems. Fascial techniques aim to restore mobility in the fascia and soften connective tissue that has become rigid, with highly effective results. These methods are used without oil at the beginning of treatment and were originally popularised by Ida Rolf – the founder of Rolfing and Structural Integration bodywork.

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Sports massage

This is the use of massage for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. It can be used as part of a training programme to help prevent injury, as part of a rehabilitation programme to treat injury, as part of a warm-up for an event and as part of the wind-down after the event.

Sports massage helps improve the suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints. It improves lymph and blood circulation and assists body systems in functioning at their optimum level.

Sports massage also has the following benefits:

1. Speeds up the healing of damaged or overworked tissue and muscles; thus reduces recovery time and allows a sportswoman to regain her health and performance.

2. Increases fitness capabilities and performance potential

3. Prevents future injury by identifying and treating current muscle weakness, tiredness and problem areas

4. Post-event massage clears out waste and toxins; e.g lactic acid from muscles, reducing stiffness and enabling a faster recovery than post-event rest

5. Massage helps breaks up adhesions that can develop between the fascia of different muscles, thus improving mobility and muscle suppleness.

6. Enables muscles and joints to heal faster after injury

7. Improves flexibility

£60 for 60 minutes

£90 for 90 minutes

£120 for 120 minutes

Sports massage
Sports Massage builds on the foundation of deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point therapy. Sports massage has a pre- and post- component and there is the use of heat and cold, Soft Tissue Release and Stretching- namely: PNF- Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching, and AIS – Active Isolated Stretching.

Text reproduced from An Introductory Guide to Massage by permission of the Publishers © EMS Publishing.

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Indian Head Massage

A chair based massage comprising of unique pressure point work centred around the back, neck and shoulder areas.

Indian head massage is a fusion of Ayurvedic* and Western techniques.

The repertoire of physical or energetic techniques are used in harmony with your emotional and physical needs.

The kneading technique helps to squeeze out toxins from tight muscle groups, while releasing knots and tension.

Using the hand rub on the Occiput, the massage relaxes the subcutaneous muscles and stimulates your circulation.

I use high end aromatic oils, stretches, myofascial release, intuition and visualization.

Tension headaches would also be relieved with this treatment.

This signature treatment lasts 30 minutes and will be carried out on a specialist on-site stool or “directors chair”.

£35 for 30 minutes
*What is Ayurveda- which is used in Indian Head Massage?
Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of what makes us alive. When we have an understanding of Ayurveda, we can stay in balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.According to Ayurveda, everything that exists in the universe is made up of the five elements; earth, water, fire, air and space (ether). We all contain these same five elements in different amounts. When prana, the energetic equivalent of breath, mixes with the five elements, the doshas are formed. There are three doshas or constitutions: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata dosha is formed when prana mixes with the elements air and space. Vata governs all movement. The qualities of Vata are light, dry. airy, quick, and cold. Vata people are very tall or little. They are thin and either tall or short. They have asymmetrical features. When Vata people are in balance, they are creative and easily adaptable. When Vata people are out of balance, this leads to fear and anxiety. Pitta, heat, is made up of the elements fire and water. Pitta governs digestion, nutrition, metabolism and body temperature. The qualities of Pitta are hot, sour, pungent, sharp and acidic. Pitta people have strong digestion. Their build is athletic. When Pittas are in balance, they are intelligent, cerebral and sharp. When out of balance, they are hot and easily angered.  Kapha which is the flesh body or the mucus body and is made up of the elements earth and water. Kapha is our bones, muscles, teeth and everything dense in our bodies. The qualities of Kapha are slow, steady, heavy, oily, and cold. When Kapha people are in balance, kapha people are loving, nurturing and grounded. When out of balance, they are needy, melancholy and heavy in body and mind.

Pregnancy Massage

An indulgent treat for pregnant and post-natal women, giving much needed relief from aching muscles, stiffness, heavy legs and sore feet.

This full body massage is a dreamy delightful treatment helping to soothe and relieve pregnancy strains and make you feel restored and rested. After 60 minutes of blissful indulgence you’ll feel wonderfully relaxed.

This treatment uses both clinical and traditional aromatherapy massage to ease away tension and leave you feeling calm, relaxed and nurtured.

Women in their first, second or third trimester onwards will have a side lying and well cushioned massage treatment, and with soothing effleurage movements, this massage is the perfect pampering experience.

I am experienced in dealing with expectant mothers with Pelvic Girdle Pain, Restless Legs Syndrome, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Oedema and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Mothers will have the benefits of stress reduction, relaxation and emotional support. They will have relief from back and pelvic pain, headaches, ribcage pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Massage produces autonomic vascular reflexes that promote delivery of oxygen and nutrients and removal of waste materials. Manually pumped by effleurage, petrissage, kneading and other compression techniques; there is a sustained release in the rate of lymph formation and removal.

Myofascial restrictions in the inguinal area contributing to leg oedema and varicose veins can be treated with passive movement techniques and gentle myofascial and massage work with hip joints, Sartorius and adductor muscles.

Choose from a selection of pregnancy-safe oils (e.g. jojoba oil) perfect for pregnancy that will nourish and care for your skin.

£70 for 70 minutes

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Hot stone massage

A deeply relaxed and uniquely personalised massage using warm basalt stones and luxurious oils to soothe aching muscles, melt away knots, gently releases tension and eliminates toxins. Specifically designed to overcome stress and encourage relaxation, this heated stone massage helps to release tension ten times faster than a traditional hands on massage. The heated stones generate energy and create a sense of balance and calm as well as giving relief to deep seated muscle tension.

LaStone therapy is a Native American Indian practice which has been used since ancient times as a soothing and healing treatment.

I can also balance Yin and Yang energies through the use of hot (yang) and cold (yin) stones.

Let your body and mind unwind as the hot stones increase body circulation and assist immune function by removing waste products. Perfect for hot or cold weather.

The use of cold stones calms internal heat, assist acute injury recovery, reduces inflammation, has an analgesic and and increases mental alertness.

Therefore I can use the hot and cold stones recreationally and therapeutically in a creative and dynamic fashion.

The secret is in the intuitive way I use my hands in harmony with several smooth, individually shaped heat resisting basalt stones.

The experience is intensified by aromatic essential oils.

£80 for 70 minutes
Benefits of heat and cold application
Benefits of Heat application

  • Decreases pain by producing anaesthesia effect.
  • Increases blood supply to damaged area.
  • Makes muscles and fascia more pliable.
  • Lessens muscle contraction.
  • Encourages relaxation.
  • Increases ease of movement.

Benefits of cold application

  • Prevents and reduces swelling.
  • Decreases inflammation.
  • Decreases pain.
  • Decreases sensory input.
  • Increases ease of movement.


I use Shiatsu techniques in the seated treatments upon request. These are similar to the corporate style on-site stool massage. The client remains clothed. This is a healing touch therapy originating from Japan.

In Shiatsu it is believed that the energy – or ki – flows through the body in a series of channels called meridians. When there is blockage in the energy flow, it can lead to health imbalances.

Shiatsu means finger pressure, but I also use palms and elbows to apply pressure to points along your meridians to get rid of any blockages and muscular aches and pains/discomfort.

 In Japan the client lies on a mat at floor level. In my practice the client sits on an on-site stool. Loose-fitting clothes are recommended so that movement isn’t restricted.

Therefore this stool massage is the combination of Shiatsu, Western massage and Tuina massage techniques and is a powerful therapy. 

Block booking available.

£25 for 20 minutes

£35 for 30 minutes

Buy 5 x 30 minute treatments and get one free